Migrating from fixed fees to fee per byte – A developers guide

2019-12-31 by Zpalmtree

Welcome, developer!

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The TurtleCoin Journey: 2 Years and Counting…

2019-12-28 by lehmann

Celebrating our 2 year anniversary we take a look a quick look at what has driven the development of the project and what changes we have in store for the next release to address the concerns of the community.

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Why Banks Keep Blocking Cryptocurrency-Related Transactions

The close interaction between traditional finance and regulators is the key element in the development of the cryptocurrency industry. The COVID-19 crisis has brought many new users to the world of cryptocurrencies. One of the main concerns for users, however, is whether their bank cards may be…Read more

Poll Shows Most Traders Believe Bitcoin Price Hasn’t Bottomed Yet As $8k Dip Likely

There are as many opinions on Bitcoin’s future as there are people interested in Bitcoin. However, to determine the crypto community’s opinion on whether Bitcoin has bottomed, crypto trader and analyst Josh Rager conducted a Twitter poll. The result of the poll shows that 61.2% of the 2,134…Read more

Bitcoin All Set For The Next Big Crash

Cuy Sheffield, the head of crypto at Visa took to Twitter last weekend to share his thoughts on central-bank digital currencies. He said that these... Read more

Which Way Bitcoin Price? Current ‘Stablecoin’ Period Mimics Early 2017

The wait for Bitcoin’s next big price move is nearly over, and the next few days will signal which direction that will be. “What’s the price of those Bitcoin’s you keep talking about?” a friend asks me. I look at my phone and it’s still averaging around $9,200. “About the same as last month mate,” I…Read more

Bitcoin Price Analysis: 3 Reasons Why A Wild BTC Move Is Anticipated Very Soon

Over the past 2.5 weeks, the Bitcoin price is stable and trading mostly around the $9200 mark. The words “Bitcoin” and “stable” rarely go together, and along with some key indicators, there should be a huge move coming up in the next days. Read more

Bitcoin Model Forecasts Rally To $70k

There have been various predictions regarding the price of Bitcoin, and they’ve been mostly bullish, especially following the halving event that took place back in May. Bitcoin could reach $70k by next year’s second half Now, it’s been just revealed that the popular S2F model is showing that Bitcoin…Read more

Cardano Warns About Suspicious Activities In Japan

The Cardano Foundation recently issued a warning about a suspicious firm that’s trying to rake in investment by claiming contact with the foundation, according to the latest reports coming from Cointelegraph. Cardano addresses suspicious activity in Japan Cardano also made sure to address the issue…Read more

Ethereum 2.0 Likely To Trigger An Epic Bullish Event As Vitalik Buterin Confirms 2020 Launch

The irony of Ethereum 2.0 is that there is a whole lot of information and activity around its phase’s development and progress, but the specific launch date is still unknown. Ethereum co-founder, Vitalik Buterin, and his team are understandably under a lot of pressure to dazzle, and the COVID-19…Read more

Cardano (ADA) founder Charles Hoskinson blasts YouTube over crypto scams

Cryptocurrency scams are a recurring aspect of the market. Read more

Popular Bitcoin Analysts questions Zcash application for Covid-19 Government loan

Blockchain Cord developer Peter Todd has criticized Zcash parent firm Electric Coin Company for taking the PPP payroll loan from the US government.  In a tweet today, Todd posted an image from the US Treasury website which highlighted Electric Coin as one of the beneficiary of the PPP payroll loan. …Read more

Ethereum users now face 'unreasonably' high transaction fee

The crypto market has noted unexpected price action in the past week. While Bitcoin continues to struggle to go close to $10K, many altcoins saw their price surge independent of the king coin. Ethereu Read more

Chinese city launches blockchain medical prescriptions app

Kunshan city in China has launched a medical prescription app powered by blockchain technology. It allows the citizens to own and share their medical data. [...] Read more